Thursday, October 4, 2007

UCB on YouTube

While Keenians may loathe the content of YouTube because (as they see it) it softens truth, allows any slack-jawed yokel to publish his momma fallin' on the kitchen tile while the dogs lick the cake from her limp fingers, and essentially dilutes expert commentary from renowned USC film school instructors who think only they should be able to post such content because only they can enjoy the humor on so many levels, apparently UC Berkeley finds it to be a tool that will help garner more mindshare and promote its innovative and open image.

The school, which "joined" the YouTube community in May of 2006, recently started posting videos of classroom videos. The topics range from biology, physics, intellectual property (IP), comparative literature, chemistry and more. Google co-founder Sergey Brin does a session on search engine technology and IP.

What an awesome way to share polished expert instruction on various topics for anyone with a broadband connection to see.

This means that would-be students won't need to study for the ACT or SAT to gain entry to this prestigious school...ok...I kid...BUT this sharing of intellectual material could be seen as having concurrently enrolled students' tuition subsidizing the cost.

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