Thursday, September 6, 2007

Experience new Getification

So what's the big 'search' difference between Google, Yahoo!, and Ask?

The new TV spot perfectly depicts how Ask continues to innovate how to deliver search results to users.

Notice no ambiguous "algorithm" references, or cameo appearances by Kato Kalin.

While Google continues to push ahead (and away?) from search and diversify its products, Ask has moved beyond just serving up 10 blue links.

Well the 10 blue links are still there...but did you see the Binoculars next to each link? If you hover your cursor over one, you get a chance to preview the page to see what it looks like. If there are any videos related to your search results, and you hover your mouse over the thumbnail, you can see about 3-4 seconds of the video to see if it's what you're looking for.

Pretty cool stuff. The approach is basically to provide your search results AND a variety of other related search possibilities, so that you locate what you want fast, so you can spend less time finding the right query terms to use to produce the search results you need.

Try it out. Interested in the new Apple iPod products and price cuts, as highlighted by Steve Jobs yesterday? Peep the search results from Ask.

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